Anal Sex Pics

It is due to the diverse (cultural, social, religious) taboos that anal sex is almost always associated with homosexuality. Once the topic anal is touched, many thoughts of homosexual men push their way into the foreground. But research has proven that anal intercourse occasionally is taking place among gay men - but by no means dominantes. Also in some heterosexual relationships occasionally it comes to anal sex, in which the man inserts his penis into the anus of the woman. In contrast to "normal" sex (penis in vagina) anal sex takes place but much less frequently. The false association with homosexuality causes that many men do not allow anal pleasures, because they fear being labeled as "gay". Anal sex can be a lot of joy - for the active and the passive partner. Women who will be penetrated anal, may well experience an orgasm. Clitoral nerves passing through the outer tissue of the vagina and terminate in the vicinity of the anus. Since the anus is tighter than the vagina and the sphincter closes around the penis the movements cause strong stimulation. If a man will be penetrated by partner's penis, there is a massage of the prostate, which can also trigger strong orgasmic sensations.